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Fifty Shades of Grey Wine
March 17, 2016 | Fifty Shades of Grey Wine

Grab A Glass Of Wine For This: "Fifty Shades Darker" Film Spoilers From Heavy.com!!!

ATTENTION, Anastasians!!! Big news about the Big Fifty Shades Film Sequel next spring: Fifty Shades Darker (set for a Feb 10, 2017 release) is filming in Vancouver AS WE SPEAK, and a sneak-peek trailer is now available, according to Heavy.com. 

(Image: Universal)

Word on the street---er, from Heavy.com---is that Kim Basinger is signed to play Elena ("Mrs. Robinson") Lincoln in Fifty Shades Darker, with Bella Heathcoate playing ex-Christian submissive (and current Ana-stalker) Leila Williams.

But First Things First: Heavy.com reports that during a scene filmed on March 16th, Christian (okay: Jamie Dornan) poured some red wine that he and Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) talked over, proving once again that wine is a BIG part of this movie and book series. 

Care to join in? Try a glass of Red Satin or White Silk today!

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Fifty Shades of Grey Wine

You BET We Thought This Song Was About Us: "Peeno Noir" Debuts This Month!

RELAX, my darling Anastasians, and DO take a moment to still your palpitating hearts: a new Fifty Shades of Grey Red has NOT been released without your knowledge!

(Image: Popsugar.com)

Instead, Popsugar reports that Tituss Burgess (who plays aspiring Broadway star Titus Andromedon on Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) is releasing his own wine, Pinot by Tituss, on March 14th.

Kimmy Schmidt  fans will fondly remember Tituss’ self-filmed Peeno Noir music video, and Popsugar muses: “We have to say. . . we have yet to see how this red fares against the Fifty Shades of Grey wine.

Challenge accepted, Popsugar! We know there’s room for more than one outstanding DVD Diva Red on the shelves this Spring!

Try a glass of Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin Wine today!

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